Best of the Best – The Top Five Addictive Flash Games

So what was the last Flash game that infuriated you so? I bet you went back to playing the same game over and over and over again until you finally cleared the level that pissed you off, right?

That is the power of addictive gameplay. You feel that your day is incomplete without playing THAT game. You feel angry whenever you fail at completing the game and at times, you get distracted at playing the same game again and again until you realize that you weren’t able to finish your work because of the game. Sure, it might sound reckless and silly, but it sure does feel good when you finally beat the game!

Ever since Flash games started coming out online, the demand for addictive new games have gone sky-high. Not all addictive Flash games require Internet connection, but most of the Flash games I really like playing requires constant online update from time to time. It’s actually one of the main reasons why I made sure I got high speed business internet; so I can play my top five favorite Flash games when I needed a break from work!

So without further ado, let me welcome you to my top five most addicting Flash games:


Bejeweled – You’ll see this almost everywhere in the Internet. Originally called Diamond Mine, Bejeweled is actually patterned from the old brick game systems. This classic yet addictive Flash game involves moving colorful gems all over the place in order to create sets of three. Quite simple, but extremely addictive. My mother loves playing this game and she has it installed in her smartphone and Ipad!

Chimgam – Surprisingly, this game is extremely gross, but addictive at the same time. It’s weird, it’s crazy, and it’s very funny. It involves a guy trying his best to avoid “droppings” coming from the guy above him. Please don’t ask me why this game was made; you just have to check the game out by yourself!

Bow Man – Now this Flash game is something I personally love. By calculating the correct angle and power of the Bow Man’s bow, you get to hit your opponents with perfectly accurate arrows. Well, that’s actually the purpose of the game; I highly doubt you can hit the opponents accurately during the first try!

Desktop Tower Defense – So what’s the best Flash game to play while sipping a nice cup of coffee in front of your desktop computer? Why, a game of Desktop Tower Defense, of course! You set up your cannons and defenses to make sure that your enemies are blown into tiny bits! Your opponents are a group of creeps, by the way. Therefore, the sight of these guys will give you the sudden urge to smash them into bits!


Line Rider – One of the oldest Flash games I’ve ever played, Line Rider is considered a legend. Create some of the craziest courses for the tiny, brave, yet foolish protagonist and watch with glee as he tries his best to complete the course!