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What are age ratings?

Age ratings are used to ensure that every entertainment content, such as video games, is clearly indicated for the minimum age group. Age group offers a guide to gaming consumers to help them decide whether a particular product is appropriate for their consumption. 

If you are buying a game for your under 18 kids, always check the game’s age ratings to ensure they are suitable for kid’s consumptions 

Can gaming be addictive to kids?

Gaming is a hobby, and like any other hobby, participants can engage profoundly and passionately. No research outlines the link between gaming and addiction. However, individual users can determine if a gamer is addicted or not. 

Games should be used as a part of a healthy, active lifestyle. We recommend that adults apply parental control features to control how kids play games. This feature can be used to restrict game time and content. 

Do video games have any benefits?

Video games are used for recreational, educational, and therapeutic reasons. The educational and therapeutic values of video games are increasingly becoming essential in the community. Doctors sometimes recommend particular video games as part of patient rehabilitation programs. 

Additionally, video games enhance strategic thinking, making teachers introduce games to classroom settings to enhance the learning experience. 

What are the health/side effects of gaming?

Like any other hobby, video games do not pose health risks when played sensibly. Millions of people around the world play video games safely every day. Additionally, playing video games is considered an activity that offers gamers pleasure. 

Video games should be played as part of a healthy, active lifestyle and with moderation. This way, video games offer a lot of benefits. Accordingly, regular intervals are essential when playing video games. 

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