Game Review: Fantasy Adventure

In the current state of our world where everything is so fast paced and work-oriented, we tend to get a little detached to the social world. Heavy work load, nine to five pace, overtime, and many more ways just in order to keep up with the increasing cost of living. This cause our body great stress making it harder to cope up with the increasing loads of work so we tend to find ways to decrease this stress build up. Many people would go to the gym, or go out on Friday or Saturday nights. Sometimes, this is just not enough. Luckily, a lot of games have been making their way around and landed right on your mobile phone!

There are lots of new, fun, and exciting new games ready to be played on your mobile phones. This is a great way to reduce a lot of stress because it is very much accessible any time and the better part of it is that most of them are free!

You can choose from a very wide range of genres. From simple puzzle games, to side scrolling action adventure, or even role playing games. Stress handling has never been this easy.

With these choices at hand, it would be hard to choose a game that you would get yourself hooked on to but when I stumbled on this one game, I can’t seem to get my hands of my phone. It almost always runs out of batteries due to excessive game play. This game is an offline RPG wherein you control several characters. With a rich story revolving, you just won’t get enough of this game.

A game made by UserJoy, this RPG is a point and click type of game where you need to strategically move your characters every now and then to dodge some skills and spread the aggro properly so as not to  get your healer or main damager killed. There are also unique items found throughout the game and a level up system that will help you gain more stats to ease through difficult levels. Although optional, you may buy in game gold for real money. Collected gold are used for levelling up items and skills or even buy items in the shop.

There are also visual improvements with items and the character itself when reaching level caps. This gives the game more aesthetic together with the 3D character and skill display. The unique soundtrack in game also helps you to get to feel more of the action and story. You wouldn’t even believe that this game is for your mobile phones and not for any other consoles.

The game starts in a flashback where Sir Aunas and Lilliana gets into battle with a mageborn that tries to take over the world. You, as the knight Roland, will then embark on a journey to save the world in the place of Sir Aunas and stop the evil forces once again. You will not be alone on this quest for there are unlockable characters with differing specialties!

Though you won’t get to navigate through cities or dungeons, for the navigation system is automated, this game will surely take your head off the stress and probably your work due to addiction so play in moderation and see the improvement on your stressful life.