Keep Moisture Away From Those Valuable Games & Systems

As a gamer, I know what moisture in the home can do to video games and their corresponding systems. Once the moisture hits inside of the those cartridges or inside of the system, they’re essentially useless if something isn’t done quickly. For those who love their old school video game systems, such as the Nintendo original, 64, and Super Nintendo, you are well aware of how those cartridges work and how finicky the system can be if something is wrong with it. Here’s how you can keep the moisture away from your precious collectible video games & systems.

Keep A Dehumidifier Handy

The dehumidifier is a great tool for keeping moisture out of the home or out of that sacred room that you keep all of your gaming equipment in. When humidity builds up too much, it causes moisture. If moisture hits the electronic components of your games, it can fry it. Dehumidifiers take this moisture and suck it out of the air.

Types Of Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers aren’t only available in just one model, there are tons to choose from. Not only are they great for keeping moisture out of electronics, but they work well for purifying the air. Here are just a few dehumidifiers that you may find useful.

Whole House

A whole house device has to be incorporated in with your existing ventilation system. They work in tandem with your air conditioning unit, but they aren’t very user friendly. In order to install one, it has to be done by a professional. These are also not very budget friendly, meaning they’re costly. But if your or somebody in your family have a condition that is worsened by the humidity, this may be a good option.


These are a very special type of machine. It uses a special type of chemical that pulls in and retains the water from the humidity. They work best in smaller rooms, not whole house. So if you want to use them throughout the entire home, you’ll have to buy a single unit for each room. Doing this may be just as much as a whole house unit. These are ideal for a room that is more prone to mold buildup than others or those rooms that store your video games.


If you want something that is mobile and still deals with humidity in larger spaces, this is a good option. They’re not small, but they aren’t bulky either, making them the perfect size. If you place this unit in the middle of your home, it will suck up all of the humidity and store it in a container. Unfortunately, these units to consume quite a bit of power, so if you are very eco-friendly, this may not be a good option. However, they do make eco-friendly models, so keep a lookout for them.


Dehumidifiers are definitely a good tool for removing moisture from a home. They help protect your valuable treasures from being warped or corroded from the moisture. If you also suffer from allergies or are very sensitive to mold and dust mites, a dehumidifier will help a great deal.