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Remaking The Classics

There have been numerous items in the news today about how some major names in the gaming industry are remaking their classic games.

What do we mean by classic games?

Well, if you were born during the time when the oldest of the playing consoles were first invented, then you pretty much know that these classics are those that hit it big time during the old days, when pixels were still, well, “pixelated,” games were only offline, and no cheat codes were available.

Yes, the classics are coming back, according to major creators like Nintendo and SEGA.

For SEGA, they said they will be bringing back around 100 classic games, the most famous of which is SEGA’s famous trademark – Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Image Credit:

I remember playing this classic game that my father showed me. At first I was like “this is all the game you had? How can you have fun with such a game?” I  was not seeing anything fun about it at all. It was not an online game, it was 2-D and it had poor graphics compared to the games I play today. My dad however, just shrugged his shoulders and said “that kind of graphics was already state-of-the-art during my younger years and that game is not as easy as you thing it is.” He annoyingly convinced me to try playing it and so I did.

And was I never so wrong about a game. Sonic was a fun game. It was a very basic looking game and it had basic objectives, yet it was such a difficult game to accomplish because the levels get harder and harder as it goes. My father gave me tips every now and then but he never took away the old family computer game controller from my hands. He said I should do all the work – no walk-throughs, no cheating, no clues, and no other form of help whatsoever. He was determined to make me a fool for saying earlier that it was not a fun game and that it looked too childish for my taste.

It was really a fun experience. And now that SEGA has announced that it will be releasing a much modern version of the game (modern in terms of graphics and compatibility with other consoles), I am more than excited to try it out and play it with my friends, as this time, it would be available online and in multiplayer mode.

Here is a video of the original Sonic The Hedgehog:

Negativity and Positivity of Gaming

Video Gaming Positivity
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Online computer games take the world by storm. They remained to be the source of entertainment and obsession for many people, especially today’s generation. A lot of people are hard core gamers because the enjoyment they get from the game is beyond compare.

However, there are some negative connotations to gaming that I wish would soon end. Gaming has put in the bad light because many gamers don’t know how to put things in balance. They are preoccupied with games that they tend to forget to focus on other important matters.

Gaming should be fun and enjoyable, but not to the extent of ruining your life balance. As a gamer, you should know how to put things first. If gaming disrupts other areas of your life, then it becomes unhealthy. In this case, gaming becomes an unhealthy obsession. Hard core gamers tend to forget how to take care of their body. Gaming late at night can disrupt your sleep pattern, which has a direct impact to your health. Some gamers even skip meal because they are too engrossed in their game. Little by little, gaming becomes a sedentary lifestyle and you are not even aware about it.

On the other hand, gaming has a positive effect to the brain because it keeps the brain active. However, you have to keep in mind that too much of anything is bad for your health. Do not forget to take a short break at a regular interval. Spend some time doing physical activities so as to keep your body healthy and fit. Sleep as much as you can. Always remember that gaming is good but only if done on a scheduled basis.

Despite the still existing negative connotations on gaming, I know that little by little, people are starting to see more benefits of gaming rather than the negative ones, especially with the rise of e-sports. Regional and world tournaments are already being held and sponsored, giving room for gamers to become professionals and compete like they are real athletes.

I would not mind being part of that scene someday – to be called a professional gamer would be such a big thing for us gamers. Who would not want to earn while playing the games that make us happy and skillful and connected?

This dream is the reason why I continue to be passionate about my gaming. But also, as I pointed out some negativity, I still continue to live a balance life – study, friends, family – because it should also sink into the minds of all gamers and gamer-wannabe’s that online gaming is a positive thing in life so we should do our roles in making sure that it is seen as such.

Flash Game Developer Buys Luxury Home For Sale

The rise of mobile technology has changed the way we see career paths. Back then, kids were sparked to become a doctor or an engineer someday because these were the professions considered as real jobs. But some of the kids in school now when asked what they want to be when they grow up, they come up with a response like “I want to be a mobile game developer”. Then this elicits a skeptical face expression from the teachers.

I encountered this same kind of story line when I attended the career day program of my son’s school. When all other small kids wore tailored pilot uniform and doctor’s white coat, one of his classmates effortlessly wore a t-shirt and pants as his professional attire. He wore something like that because it’s what he had seen being worn by his father everyday to work. He said he wanted to be like his father who is a successful flash game developer. It was an unfamiliar career among all the traditional professions known in school and it made his teacher think that it’s not a real job. Little did the teacher know that this kid’s father has been earning 50,000 dollars out of making mobile games and the kid actually chose an excellent career.

Flash Game Developer Buys a luxury house for sale
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I have known the kid’s father in the same event in school last year. He was once an architect and he decided to set aside his rulers and drafting table a few years ago to follow a different career path. He made a full time career as a game creator in his 30’s. He has always been compelled by video games since he was a kid. When he had the chance to learn programming when he was 16, he took designing simple games as his hobby.

Making a transition from being an architect to a game developer had put him in an odd position.

His parents and his wife were incredulous about this decision. But he never looked back. Instead, he became more driven when the mobile technology industry started to boom.

His job as a game creator never really required him to put on expensive office attire and go to a sleek modern office to work. He just used his home basement in Oxford as his work space. It is where his skills in crafting games were honed. It is where he developed discipline and persistence while being bugged by skepticism and misconceptions of other people.

It’s time that people embrace the fact that technology has allowed a remarkable shift in the job titles in the world. Being a game developer is something he and his son are proud of.

Flash Games Won’t Work Even On An Unlocked iPhone

Flash Games Do Not Work On Apple Products

I could be punished by karma for laughing at my friend yesterday, but his story just made me laugh so hard. I do not wan’t for my readers to be laughed at for the same reason, that is why I am going to tell you what he told me so that you can avoid falling victim.

My friend got a new iPhone 5S for his birthday. He was so happy about the gift, who wouldn’t be? As he was discovering the tricks to maximizing the use of his new Apple product, he bumped into a scary reality – iPhone products do not play flash games! The horror.

Even with the long history of Adobe and Apple as business partners, Apple did not allow flash products into the app store. Apple says its a professional call, since the source and codes of Adobe’s flash do not work well with the iOS system. Apple has opted to use JavaScript and HTML5, instead.

No matter what Apple’s reasons are for not using Adobe Flash, it is a heartbreaking news for us who love Flash games. This was extremely felt by my friend, who had tons of games with high-level accounts, that are only accessible with Flash. His iPhone not being able to access those games could only mean that he woulds till end up playing the games on his desktop. This is sad because he can’t access his games whenever he is on the road.

Maybe it was frustration that led my friend to search and see if there was any way around his problem. However, he only ended up with more problems.

He found a site that fed him with the lie that his problem can be solved by learning how to unlock iPhone 5S and other iPhone gadgets. In the site, you could read that the information was written in very technical terms, regular people would not understand it instantly.

The only part understandable was the process of inputting payment data and other information relevant to the “sale” of service.

Little did my friend know that everything was a scam to get his credit card information. It was already after he made his “purchase” that he came across a website, saying that Unlocking iPhone 5/S/C only has the purpose of allowing the user to change carrier, nothing more. Those who claim to unlock software to allow other programs into Apple products are just scams that fish for credit card information.

I felt sorry for my friend but I must admit that I did laugh at him for being so gullible. I know he should know better. Us gamers are techie people, and he was not being critical during the whole ordeal, which caused his mother so much trouble. Yes, he used his mother’s credit card for the “purchase,” so it is his mother that has to deal with informing the bank and following the necessary procedures.

This should serve as a lesson to everyone. Knowing that not everything you see on the Internet is real is a good thing, but actually being able to see which are real and which are not, is a different story. We should all take some time to invest a little knowledge on how to avoid getting scammed.

Ready for Minecraft!!

Has anyone ever asked you what your favorite video game to play? I get that asked a lot actually. There is always one game that people love and always go back to play whenever. That one game that never really gets old to you at all. Well, today I am going to tell you about that game for me. I am sure that many of you guys already have played it or have heard of it. If not. Well, then maybe you just are not a true gamer!

Minecraft is probably my favorite game to play. I have been playing it for years and it yet has gotten old to me. You guys know how certain games can get old to you pretty quick. The beauty of Minecraft is that it just never really gets old at all. After playing it for hours and hours the fun just seems to never end.

I think it never gets old because you are in control of everything with Minecraft. For those of you who do not know what it is about here is a little rundown about the game. Well, you build your own little world. Everything is made how you want it to be. You have total control over your world. Also you can play online and go to other peoples virtual worlds!! That is the best part of the game to me. Also they are coming out with a new one next month that has a story mode. This is a new feature and actually I am a little excited about it to say the least!

Once you start playing Minecraft you will not be able to stop. I bet that you will be looking for a Minecraft hosting site. I recommend Brink Hosting. I have always used them and have never had a problem. Honestly I think they are the best ones out there.

I hope everyone will at least try Minecraft out. It is so addictive. You have been warned!

What To Do During A Gaming Break

Even when we consider ourselves addicted to gaming, and that gaming is all that we do, all day long. That is not entirely true. We also have our lives to live and careers to build and eyes to let rest. So, sometimes, we take gaming breaks once in a while. We have to, to refresh our brains.

What I personally do when I take a break is get a good drink from the fridge (whatever is available) and then get back in front of the computer and check on the different online surveys that I have subscribed to.

There is never any harm in earning a little extra money, and paid online surveys are very accessible. One only requires an internet connection and a few minutes of one’s time to answer survey questions that different companies conduct via the internet.

A paid online survey basically requires you to input a legitimate email address where they could send you notifications whenever a survey is open for participants. In order for you to provide basic information, you have to sign up into different paid survey sites, complete membership profiles, then they direct you to dashboards with a list of surveys, or they send you links through your provided e-mail.

Now, it is just a matter of finding out which survey sites are legitimate and which are scam sites.

To avoid scam surveys, you should NOT participate in survey sites that:

  • Ask for registration fees or any form of payment. Scam survey sites endorse very “cheap” registration fees while promising greater income. However promising the site is, when they require any fee at all, it is a scam.
  • Offer a fixed monthly income. Survey sites cannot offer any fixed rates because most of the time, survey sites pay per survey, and each survey is worth a different amount. Surveys range from $1-$25 for some survey sites. Hence, only the participants can dictate how much they are willing to earn, depending on the number of surveys one can answer in a month.
  • Require too much personal information. Basic information such as name, location, and age are essential for the survey sites to establish your demographics and help them assess which surveys fit your profile. However, when a survey site goes as far as ask for your Bank account number, Social Security Number and even when they require your mobile number instead of leaving it as optional, then best avoid such sites.
  • Do not explain how they will pay you for the surveys you answer. When they keep on endorsing high income from their surveys without telling you the money could actually reach you, the site is a scam.
  • Do not have a privacy policy, or have a fake privacy policy. More often, people tend to neglect reading the privacy policies of different websites. For survey sites, and other sites that could be risky, reading through the privacy policy can help you determine how safe all the information you provide are.
  • Try very hard to convince you that they are not scams. The harder they try, the more likely they are scam. You have to trust your instincts especially when you think what they offer you is too good to be real.
  • Have complaints or are listed at websites like and

When you do decide to try out this side hobby of mine, you should get yourself a good internet connection because surveys can be a little tricky. If you do not have a stable connection, you can end up wasting your survey slots and you get nothing for the minutes you spent answering their sometimes exhausting surveys.

A piece of advice is to avail of an internet connection that uses the SIP trunking by AT&T. I’m not messing when I say you need to have good connection when you want to earn doing online surveys. You won’t regret gearing yourself with a steady and organized net provider like AT&T. You won’t regret getting one (if you haven’t already) because aside from securing your paid online survey needs, it will more than  satisfy your gaming experience. No more  Ping drops and FPS drops if you get their quality services.

Getting Flash Games on to Your Computers

war-chess_3_bigDo you ever like to play flash games online? Do you want to download these flash games so you can play anytime and anywhere you like? Are you having troubles downloading these flash games to your computer and play them on to your desktops? These are some of the questions these flash games addicts commonly ask. If you also have these questions on mind, we’ll help you figure out ways to solve these problems. First, we need to know one best way to help us in getting the latest flash game online. It is based on the results we see in SEO results when we typed in the games.


How to Download Flash Games

Downloading these flash games to your computers is really not that hard, it’s a fast and easy process and there are simple ways to do it the right way. One effective way in getting the game file is to search inside the source code of the page and look for the direct links to the game file on the site where you located in. Another effective way is to wait for the flash game to load in your specific browser and then later get it from the files folders that are temporarily placed on your browser. Also, if you want the easiest way, you can simply go to the site, which is called File2HD and let it download the game file for you.

images (1)This site, which is known as the File2HD is very powerful because it can help you download the game easily without facing any troubles along the way. Moreover, it lets you play these flash games from most of the famous online gaming sites you can see. Although it doesn’t work with all the files, at least, this will not give you a hard time downloading and playing the flash games.

Game Review: Fantasy Adventure

In the current state of our world where everything is so fast paced and work-oriented, we tend to get a little detached to the social world. Heavy work load, nine to five pace, overtime, and many more ways just in order to keep up with the increasing cost of living. This cause our body great stress making it harder to cope up with the increasing loads of work so we tend to find ways to decrease this stress build up. Many people would go to the gym, or go out on Friday or Saturday nights. Sometimes, this is just not enough. Luckily, a lot of games have been making their way around and landed right on your mobile phone!

There are lots of new, fun, and exciting new games ready to be played on your mobile phones. This is a great way to reduce a lot of stress because it is very much accessible any time and the better part of it is that most of them are free!

You can choose from a very wide range of genres. From simple puzzle games, to side scrolling action adventure, or even role playing games. Stress handling has never been this easy.

With these choices at hand, it would be hard to choose a game that you would get yourself hooked on to but when I stumbled on this one game, I can’t seem to get my hands of my phone. It almost always runs out of batteries due to excessive game play. This game is an offline RPG wherein you control several characters. With a rich story revolving, you just won’t get enough of this game.

A game made by UserJoy, this RPG is a point and click type of game where you need to strategically move your characters every now and then to dodge some skills and spread the aggro properly so as not to  get your healer or main damager killed. There are also unique items found throughout the game and a level up system that will help you gain more stats to ease through difficult levels. Although optional, you may buy in game gold for real money. Collected gold are used for levelling up items and skills or even buy items in the shop.

There are also visual improvements with items and the character itself when reaching level caps. This gives the game more aesthetic together with the 3D character and skill display. The unique soundtrack in game also helps you to get to feel more of the action and story. You wouldn’t even believe that this game is for your mobile phones and not for any other consoles.

The game starts in a flashback where Sir Aunas and Lilliana gets into battle with a mageborn that tries to take over the world. You, as the knight Roland, will then embark on a journey to save the world in the place of Sir Aunas and stop the evil forces once again. You will not be alone on this quest for there are unlockable characters with differing specialties!

Though you won’t get to navigate through cities or dungeons, for the navigation system is automated, this game will surely take your head off the stress and probably your work due to addiction so play in moderation and see the improvement on your stressful life.

Best of the Best – The Top Five Addictive Flash Games

So what was the last Flash game that infuriated you so? I bet you went back to playing the same game over and over and over again until you finally cleared the level that pissed you off, right?

That is the power of addictive gameplay. You feel that your day is incomplete without playing THAT game. You feel angry whenever you fail at completing the game and at times, you get distracted at playing the same game again and again until you realize that you weren’t able to finish your work because of the game. Sure, it might sound reckless and silly, but it sure does feel good when you finally beat the game!

Ever since Flash games started coming out online, the demand for addictive new games have gone sky-high. Not all addictive Flash games require Internet connection, but most of the Flash games I really like playing requires constant online update from time to time. It’s actually one of the main reasons why I made sure I got high speed business internet; so I can play my top five favorite Flash games when I needed a break from work!

So without further ado, let me welcome you to my top five most addicting Flash games:


Bejeweled – You’ll see this almost everywhere in the Internet. Originally called Diamond Mine, Bejeweled is actually patterned from the old brick game systems. This classic yet addictive Flash game involves moving colorful gems all over the place in order to create sets of three. Quite simple, but extremely addictive. My mother loves playing this game and she has it installed in her smartphone and Ipad!

Chimgam – Surprisingly, this game is extremely gross, but addictive at the same time. It’s weird, it’s crazy, and it’s very funny. It involves a guy trying his best to avoid “droppings” coming from the guy above him. Please don’t ask me why this game was made; you just have to check the game out by yourself!

Bow Man – Now this Flash game is something I personally love. By calculating the correct angle and power of the Bow Man’s bow, you get to hit your opponents with perfectly accurate arrows. Well, that’s actually the purpose of the game; I highly doubt you can hit the opponents accurately during the first try!

Desktop Tower Defense – So what’s the best Flash game to play while sipping a nice cup of coffee in front of your desktop computer? Why, a game of Desktop Tower Defense, of course! You set up your cannons and defenses to make sure that your enemies are blown into tiny bits! Your opponents are a group of creeps, by the way. Therefore, the sight of these guys will give you the sudden urge to smash them into bits!


Line Rider – One of the oldest Flash games I’ve ever played, Line Rider is considered a legend. Create some of the craziest courses for the tiny, brave, yet foolish protagonist and watch with glee as he tries his best to complete the course!

Flash Games: Join in on the Fun

Have so much spare time just browsing through the internet? Seen all the latest feeds on Facebook? Getting bored feeling like there’s nothing else to do? No need to worry because flash games have long been invented just waiting to be discovered! What’s that, you don’t know what a flash game is? You’re in luck, I’m here to tell you a thing or two about it.

Flash games are basically games on your internet browser that require flash player to be installed on your computer for them to function normally. They are usually 2-Dimensional sidescrolling or puzzle games but recently, flash games have had 3D improvements. Yes, it’s just that simple but what’s to like about them? Flash games are mostly made by game enthusiasts or non-mainstream developers all over the worldwide web.

Flash games offer a wide range of genres that could knock you off of your seat. From simple puzzles to online role playing games with really cute characters of your choice. But beware, even simple 2D games like these may get you hooked for sure.

There are a lot of sites that offer a lot of options for casual gamers such as and but one site booming right now is where you can create your own account to record achievements in selected games or even high scores for competitive gamers! It also has a special feature where you get to collect companions every week that are called Kongpanions. These kongpanions are cute pet like creatures that exist only in Kongregate. They are now integrated in a flash game called Sandbox Hero that give out in game bonuses depending on the kongpanions you have.

This feature is unique to that makes it climb the popularity ladder with regards to flash game platform sites. And did I mention that these kongpanions come in two forms? Yes! Your kongpanions can either be just the normal ones or shiny depending on your commitment to the site. Why, you ask? Well, the achievements in the site are not just for show. they collect points for your experience and leveling up your account, AND achievements for the day reward you with the kongpanions. Keep accomplishing achievements for the day for five days in a week and you’ll get the special shiny edition of the said kongpanion.

Don’t you underestimate the power of these shiny kongpanions. They have better statistics than their normal counterpart that will help you ease out of the Sandbox Hero game. As of current, this is the only game that incorporates kongpanions but the site is openly cooperating with developers world wide to give them opportunity to market their games and at the same time put these kongpanions to good use and not just for display.

So, the next time you feel like you have spare time, why not try these so called flash games. Or better yet, you can make your own flash game and show it off to the world! It’s a fun great way to spend spare time rather than just waiting for the news feed to show new stuff.