Ready for Minecraft!!

Has anyone ever asked you what your favorite video game to play? I get that asked a lot actually. There is always one game that people love and always go back to play whenever. That one game that never really gets old to you at all. Well, today I am going to tell you about that game for me. I am sure that many of you guys already have played it or have heard of it. If not. Well, then maybe you just are not a true gamer!

Minecraft is probably my favorite game to play. I have been playing it for years and it yet has gotten old to me. You guys know how certain games can get old to you pretty quick. The beauty of Minecraft is that it just never really gets old at all. After playing it for hours and hours the fun just seems to never end.

I think it never gets old because you are in control of everything with Minecraft. For those of you who do not know what it is about here is a little rundown about the game. Well, you build your own little world. Everything is made how you want it to be. You have total control over your world. Also you can play online and go to other peoples virtual worlds!! That is the best part of the game to me. Also they are coming out with a new one next month that has a story mode. This is a new feature and actually I am a little excited about it to say the least!

Once you start playing Minecraft you will not be able to stop. I bet that you will be looking for a Minecraft hosting site. I recommend Brink Hosting. I have always used them and have never had a problem. Honestly I think they are the best ones out there.

I hope everyone will at least try Minecraft out. It is so addictive. You have been warned!