Flash Games Won’t Work Even On An Unlocked iPhone

Flash Games Do Not Work On Apple Products

I could be punished by karma for laughing at my friend yesterday, but his story just made me laugh so hard. I do not wan’t for my readers to be laughed at for the same reason, that is why I am going to tell you what he told me so that you can avoid falling victim.

My friend got a new iPhone 5S for his birthday. He was so happy about the gift, who wouldn’t be? As he was discovering the tricks to maximizing the use of his new Apple product, he bumped into a scary reality – iPhone products do not play flash games! The horror.

Even with the long history of Adobe and Apple as business partners, Apple did not allow flash products into the app store. Apple says its a professional call, since the source and codes of Adobe’s flash do not work well with the iOS system. Apple has opted to use JavaScript and HTML5, instead.

No matter what Apple’s reasons are for not using Adobe Flash, it is a heartbreaking news for us who love Flash games. This was extremely felt by my friend, who had tons of games with high-level accounts, that are only accessible with Flash. His iPhone not being able to access those games could only mean that he woulds till end up playing the games on his desktop. This is sad because he can’t access his games whenever he is on the road.

Maybe it was frustration that led my friend to search and see if there was any way around his problem. However, he only ended up with more problems.

He found a site that fed him with the lie that his problem can be solved by learning how to unlock iPhone 5S and other iPhone gadgets. In the site, you could read that the information was written in very technical terms, regular people would not understand it instantly.

The only part understandable was the process of inputting payment data and other information relevant to the “sale” of service.

Little did my friend know that everything was a scam to get his credit card information. It was already after he made his “purchase” that he came across a website, saying that Unlocking iPhone 5/S/C only has the purpose of allowing the user to change carrier, nothing more. Those who claim to unlock software to allow other programs into Apple products are just scams that fish for credit card information.

I felt sorry for my friend but I must admit that I did laugh at him for being so gullible. I know he should know better. Us gamers are techie people, and he was not being critical during the whole ordeal, which caused his mother so much trouble. Yes, he used his mother’s credit card for the “purchase,” so it is his mother that has to deal with informing the bank and following the necessary procedures.

This should serve as a lesson to everyone. Knowing that not everything you see on the Internet is real is a good thing, but actually being able to see which are real and which are not, is a different story. We should all take some time to invest a little knowledge on how to avoid getting scammed.