How You Can Become a Paid Professional Gamer

Who says gaming is terrible? Apart from the vibrant fun that you’ll derive from the stimulating activity, it also comes with tons of benefits for healthy living and character development. Many people, including the gaming antagonists, pretty much agree it can increase hand-eye coordination. Still, only a few know it can also improve vision and slow down the aging process.

As long as you observe quality health measures, gaming can improve your mental health and increase your activeness. Have you mastered the game controller enough, and you can play for several hours without being distracted? Are you analytical and methodical sufficient to play till the last bit of the game? And finally, can you dedicate a good chunk of your time to gaming? If your answer was yes to all the questions mentioned above, you could go a step forward to earn a satisfying paycheck from gaming. Sounds like a cliche? No, it’s not.

According to Forbes, you can earn up to $300,000 a year in online game streaming, and a professional game career. Here are some ways you can turn that favorite hobby into a steady money-making source.

1. Become a Game Writer/Developer

Games do go through various phases of development before they’re finally ready for your enjoyment. And creating a Game Design Document (GDD) is a fundamental step in the creation of any game. The document contains text, images, diagrams, illustrations, and concept art, forming a blueprint design for the game.

If you’re talented and creative in writing and arts and know the nitty-gritty of gaming, consider writing or producing art for games. You can begin writing tabletop games and then work your way up to video games. Also, you can become a game developer and get hired by game companies to develop quality games.

However, note that some companies might require high-level math skills, a bachelor’s degree, basic software knowledge, and proficiency in programming languages such as C+ and C++. You can also develop your own game and generate income through game sales and in-game purchases like the famous Minecraft developer Markus Persson, who sold the Minecraft game to Microsoft for a whopping sum of $2.5b. However, writing or developing a game requires long hours of dedication and practice.

2. Become a Game Tester

Being a professional game tester is an easy way of making money while gaming, whereby game developers pay you for playing their games. They pay you to conduct a pre-release game testing in a real player environment to spot bugs and make great suggestions on how the game could be improved.

You’ve to be an experienced gamer, whom game developers can trust, to get more projects. Likewise, you must also be ready to test all the game’s features, for example doing a matrix testing of the game and taking careful notes as you play the game.

3. Become a Game Coach

The game industry grows and blooms daily. Each day, more newbies join the industry, and we now have many potential professional gamers who need quality coaching to master the activity. Therefore you can be a professional game coach who recruits private students directly. You could also become an Esport team’s coach and receive up to five figures and other benefits.

To become a renowned game coach, consider having a solid reputation as a professional and highly-skilled gamer who can train his/her players excellently to perform the best performance on stage. You can participate in game tournaments and display your exceptional gaming ability publicly but carefully to boost your credibility.

4. Stream Games Online

Another way you can earn significant income from gaming is streaming games online. Most contemporary gamers now turn their compass online for unique game content with mouth-watering offers. And you can fill this quest by streaming games on popular major live streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Streaming your games on Twitch as a major and the most popular game live streaming platform, which is user-friendly and efficient, will be a good starting point. You can also start a YouTube channel with new effects and entertaining commentary that will hook viewers. Consider live-streaming and recording popular games, and you can organize game guides and tutorials to teach people how to play games better.

You can also provide quality and comprehensive reviews about popular games to guide gamers in buying games. Doing all these will give you constant and massive followers, and you can, therefore, earn from ads and sponsorships. You might also become famous enough and receive excellent complimentary merchandise from game companies and support from game developers and companies who might market their goods/services on your channel.

5. Active Participation in Game Tournaments

Actively participating in competitive game tournaments like Counter-strike and Overwatch, both online and face-to-face, can also earn you some money. However, it would help if you had an excellent and periodic proper screening by an excellent identity protection service that may be available to curb any significant personal and identity threats risks. It might also be challenging to be a massive earner from this route unless you are highly skilled at winning games.

Famous game tournaments require you to be a professional gamer before you can participate. And to become a professional gamer, you might need to practice for many months and specify in a particular game. You can attend local game tournaments and network with, and enjoy other professional gamers’ recommendations. Consider sharing your certificates of previous matches on social media to show your competency.


The future of the gaming industry is clear and bright. And thankfully, more people are beginning to see the vast benefits of gaming. Ensure you Read significant game news trends, and guides to stay updated about the gaming world. Utilize the tips mentioned here; don’t only sit on the game chair all day long. Make your money while enjoying your favorite hobby. Earn and enjoy it.