You Know You’re a Gamer When

Gaming is big business. It’s huge for the industry, making billions of dollars in revenue and profits, but it’s massive for the millions of fans across the globe who shell out not just money but time, too, on their favorite hobby. It’s hardly a surprise that it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Games are becoming the new movies and as the technology evolves, so too do the games we play and the time we spend becomes more and more. If you’re a regular gamer, check these 5 things out that you will know all too well.

Dreaming in Games

Girls Dreaming

When you spend so much time gaming that you actually dream about the storyline and the characters is when you know you’re spending too much time playing. You’ll tend to live out crazy and unusual events in your mind, even things that make no sense. When this happens, take note. It means that your subconscious self is thinking about the game and the progress you’re making even when you’re not actively putting your mind to it. Which is freaky to think about! It’s time to put down the controller and step away from the console.

Sunlight, What Sunlight?


This could also be called ‘Fresh Air, What Fresh Air?’ as you take yourself further and further away from the real world – literally – and dive into a world of computer graphics and fictional characters. Which sounds awesome, until you realize it’s been 2 days since you last left the house and you’re starting to feel and look a little gross. Open a window, take a deep breath, and go and get some fresh air before you turn into the seat you’re sitting in. And talking about the seat you’re sitting in…

Crippling Back Pain

Crippling Back Pain

You’ve been sat in one position for two days in a row and your back can’t take anymore. Your skeleton is beginning to take the basic shape of a sofa. In all seriousness, it’s never advisable to spend so much time in a slouched and strange position, and you need to fix this. Or at very least find a way to improve your posture while sitting gaming. You could even get a good posture brace to help, and if you’re worried about having to wear it too long don’t. According to Perfect Postur, if you make a smart purchase, you don’t have to wear the brace that long.

This is where getting a Nintendo Wii might actually be helpful, as it gets you moving around more and helps your circulation, which by now may be a medical requirement!

More Online Friends Than Real Life Friends

There’s not much else you can say on this. This is a regular occurrence and every hardcore gamer will have pals they know from the online world of whatever game it is they’re playing. And there’s nothing wrong with this, but it is a telltale sign you’re a huge gaming geek.

A Gaming Fridge

The best part of being a gamer – the gamer fridge. A perfect place to keep your drinks cold and your snacks chilled, while not having to leave to comfort of your awesome gamer chair. I’ll raise a nice, ice cold drink to that!