Top 5 tips on building a gaming PC

Do you want to build your own gaming PC? If so, this is the article for you. We will cover what components are needed and how much they cost, as well as the basics on installing them into a case. You can then pick up some tips from our list of top 10 things that people find difficult when building their own computer. Some of these include: picking out parts; setting up BIOS; and understanding hardware compatibility issues among other topics. With all of this information in one place, it’s easier than ever to get started with building your perfect rig!

Building a gaming PC might seem daunting, but with these tips you’ll be on your way to building the perfect gaming computer.

  1. Get a good power supply- it’s the most important component in any computer.
  2. Use an aftermarket CPU cooler like liquid cooling or heat pipes instead of air cooling because they’re quieter and more efficient.
  3. Don’t forget about cooling! One of the most important things in any custom build is ensuring that there’s enough airflow for all of your components to keep cool; after all, heat can damage electronic parts over time.
  4. Get an Intel Core i5 CPU. The new 6th generation chips are more efficient and powerful than ever before, so they’ll handle everything from Windows 10 to high-end games beautifully.
  5. When it comes to picking out RAM (random access memory), make sure you get at least 8GB for running programs like Photoshop or Adobe Premier Pro CC smoothly without laggy performance