What To Do During A Gaming Break

Even when we consider ourselves addicted to gaming, and that gaming is all that we do, all day long. That is not entirely true. We also have our lives to live and careers to build and eyes to let rest. So, sometimes, we take gaming breaks once in a while. We have to, to refresh our brains.

What I personally do when I take a break is get a good drink from the fridge (whatever is available) and then get back in front of the computer and check on the different online surveys that I have subscribed to.

There is never any harm in earning a little extra money, and paid online surveys are very accessible. One only requires an internet connection and a few minutes of one’s time to answer survey questions that different companies conduct via the internet.

A paid online survey basically requires you to input a legitimate email address where they could send you notifications whenever a survey is open for participants. In order for you to provide basic information, you have to sign up into different paid survey sites, complete membership profiles, then they direct you to dashboards with a list of surveys, or they send you links through your provided e-mail.

Now, it is just a matter of finding out which survey sites are legitimate and which are scam sites.

To avoid scam surveys, you should NOT participate in survey sites that:

  • Ask for registration fees or any form of payment. Scam survey sites endorse very “cheap” registration fees while promising greater income. However promising the site is, when they require any fee at all, it is a scam.
  • Offer a fixed monthly income. Survey sites cannot offer any fixed rates because most of the time, survey sites pay per survey, and each survey is worth a different amount. Surveys range from $1-$25 for some survey sites. Hence, only the participants can dictate how much they are willing to earn, depending on the number of surveys one can answer in a month.
  • Require too much personal information. Basic information such as name, location, and age are essential for the survey sites to establish your demographics and help them assess which surveys fit your profile. However, when a survey site goes as far as ask for your Bank account number, Social Security Number and even when they require your mobile number instead of leaving it as optional, then best avoid such sites.
  • Do not explain how they will pay you for the surveys you answer. When they keep on endorsing high income from their surveys without telling you the money could actually reach you, the site is a scam.
  • Do not have a privacy policy, or have a fake privacy policy. More often, people tend to neglect reading the privacy policies of different websites. For survey sites, and other sites that could be risky, reading through the privacy policy can help you determine how safe all the information you provide are.
  • Try very hard to convince you that they are not scams. The harder they try, the more likely they are scam. You have to trust your instincts especially when you think what they offer you is too good to be real.
  • Have complaints or are listed at websites like Scam.com and RipOffReport.com

When you do decide to try out this side hobby of mine, you should get yourself a good internet connection because surveys can be a little tricky. If you do not have a stable connection, you can end up wasting your survey slots and you get nothing for the minutes you spent answering their sometimes exhausting surveys.

A piece of advice is to avail of an internet connection that uses the SIP trunking by AT&T. I’m not messing when I say you need to have good connection when you want to earn doing online surveys. You won’t regret gearing yourself with a steady and organized net provider like AT&T. You won’t regret getting one (if you haven’t already) because aside from securing your paid online survey needs, it will more than  satisfy your gaming experience. No more  Ping drops and FPS drops if you get their quality services.